Our cutting-edge technology utilize billions of data points to match website visitors to a physical address. Leveraging a Device Graph that contains over 650 million unique device IDs mapped to over 94 million USPS verified households; the ability to retarget to an individual with a direct mail piece is the latest evolution in retargeting.

Anonymous website visits are now prospecting opportunities.


AI Mail, or Automated Intelligent Mail, utilizes data feeds based on the actions of prospects and customers—including retail visits, product upgrades or downgrades, onboarding, and more. AI Mail allows you to develop very targeted and specific nurture campaigns, by taking a customer through a predetermined marketing channel, thus improving your CRM, battling attrition, and improving retention.

AI Mail can also be used as an inoculation tool that is uniquely tailored, produced, and sent out quickly in response to a current customer's physical action; protecting against competitive threats.

Using an individual's physical actions or purchasing decisions, AI Mail allows you to specifically target people who are actively involved in the buying cycle.


Geofencing expands the reach of your marketing efforts by going far beyond propensity-based targeting and instead focuses on prospects based on their physical activity in the real world. Geofencing technology allows you to nurture foot traffic from physical engagement with your brand as well as simultaneously identify your competitor's customers.

By identifying customers who are in-market, you can capture dollars being spent within your category and improve your market share. This method of marketing offers the advantage of targeting customers who are already interested in your product, and who are actual—rather than predicted—purchasers.