REINVENTING automotive direct marketing 

Wilen Auto does what over 4,000 printers wish they could do and what a handful of mega printers won't do. With over 40 years of direct marketing experience, a team of data scientists, tens of millions of dollars invested in the latest 4-color variable print technology, and proprietary manufacturing processes, Wilen Auto gives you the ability to deliver a superior creative product.

All to the right audience, with the most hyper-relevant message, at the right moment in time.

Find out how we increased Honda's response rate over 200%



In any given month, 2% of your prior customers will be purchasing a new vehicle. THE PROBLEM IS – 70% of those people will be purchasing that vehicle from your competitor. Wilen Auto can help you stop this defection.

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Intelligent Acquisition

Having a database of customers is one thing, knowing how to house the right data picks is another. Leveraging our team of data scientists who work with Fortune 50 companies, Wilen Auto helps you to identify and get your best prospects through the door.

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Struggling Service Customer

Statistics prove that a customer who does not service their vehicle at your dealership within 18 months of purchase will likely not purchase their next vehicle from you – period. Through Wilen Auto's variable data capabilities, we will design a program with you to hyper-target these struggling customers. Using key service intervals and a logic-driven offer methodology, you will generate increased service revenue and increase the likelihood of future vehicle purchases.

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Uncover good credit prospects

Over 10 million households in America have had medical hardships that have hurt their credit score. However, thanks to changes in FICO scoring, these individuals have better credit than even they may be aware of. Wilen Auto will help you get the approximately 5,000 - 10,000 of these unknowingly good prospects in your market area, into your dealership.

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Advances in technology have helped revolutionize the use of CRM systems in optimizing sales funnels and maximizing acquisiton. Retention, however, has stayed the same or worse. As a uniquely qualified direct marketing agency, Wilen Auto focuses on advanced retention strategies for capturing this highly-targeted, high-value segment of existing customers.

By the numbers

Average amount of customers in your database
Number of customers buying a car or truck this month
The average dealer only recaptures 50-70 of these customers each month, leaving almost 300 in the hands of your competitors