A.I. Mail

The future of marketing is here, and it's intelligent.
What is AI Mail?

Automated Intelligent Mail transforms potential client actions into future sales.

By connecting devices to identities, interpreting habits, and executing triggers based on real-world behavior, our marketing goes beyond standard automation.

The Future of Digital is:

Retargeting just got more effective. Boomerang enables you to match the Device ID of a previously anonymous website visitor to a residence, allowing you to send custom mail pieces directly to your prospect's home.


With programmatic direct mail you can speak with a customer or prospect based on the moment they act, striking while the lead is in the purchase cycle—not before or after.


The next generation of Geofencing is here! By leveraging the physical location of a mobile device, a customer or prospect's activity allows you to trigger custom direct mail based on stores they've visited, events attended, and more.

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